March 04, 2020

HearingLife Chooses National to Execute Rebranding

Due to exceptional growth and acquisitions, HearingLife is transforming over 500 United States locations as a part of its Global Rebranding Project. The primary purpose is to create a leading, international retail culture with a consistent vision and shared direction, that could be carried across all markets.

HearingLife had a tremendous amount of customized furniture requirements, stemming from their Corporate Concept Manual. The specifications were provided from their Denmark facility, so in addition to standard products, National’s Pizazz Product Modifications Team was challenged to match their established design with seamless edge details.

Clients are welcomed with Tellaro lounge and Wixler occasional tables, creating a comforting first impression. The fully custom reception stations and modified WaveWorks tables and storage provide a clean aesthetic with extreme functionality. Counseling rooms, testing booths, and technical kitchens feature additional WaveWorks with Laudio task seating, Volute guest seating, Footings tables, and Rizora stools.

The store concept embraces today’s environment of a caring culture. The design and layout intentionally have a contemporary feeling that conveys trust and quality while providing a soft, medical feel. Employee morale has increased throughout the completed stores and excitement builds for the stores that are transforming. The staff has enjoyed rolling out their new facilities to existing clients and are pleased to work in a functional and productive environment.