February 13, 2018

National Outfits Jardine Elementary School with Unique Furniture Solutions


When considering how to advance their schools into 21st Century Learning, the Topeka School District began the task of creating combined schools that housed multiple grade levels. In the town of Jardine, this meant combining three neighborhood schools into one larger campus. The focus for construction and furnishings revolved around being efficient and addressing the updated needs of today’s students.

Principal Angela Soper developed a flexible seating option for each classroom, and discovery areas throughout the facility. These allowed students the ability to choose which furnishings fit their daily activities as well as their individual style of learning.

Soper chose National for its ability to uniquely outfit many environments and to deliver a consistent style throughout the facility. National’s furniture can be found in the principal and staff offices, administrative meeting spaces, nurse’s station, private meeting areas, and training rooms. National’s product is also in each classroom, STEAM and art rooms, cafeteria, discovery areas, and two libraries. In addition to the classroom furnishings, National’s solutions are utilized for hallway learning and breakout pods where students get one-on-one attention from staff.

“The small group settings provide spaces where students can create and innovate,” said Angela Soper, Jardine Elementary School Principal. “This freedom allows them to work together or on individual projects, and we are seeing increases in productivity. These spaces give the elementary school a collegiate feel.”