January 17, 2017

National Outfits Makerspace with Unique Product Solutions


Southridge High School’s newly designed makerspace challenges students to be more creative and develop their problem solving skills. SHS chose National to outfit their 309 square foot makerspace with a variety of products. National’s Exhibit wall rail solution lines the interior of the space, while Mio, Strassa, and WaveWorks tables create working spaces. Ditto stools are positioned at the bistro height Strassa table, and Jiminy and Whimsy mobile seating are available for use at the Mio and WaveWorks stations.

By definition, a makerspace is a place where students can gather to tinker, explore, and discover using a variety of tools and materials. By bringing students together, away from the standard classroom learning experience, the makerspace allows students to express their creativity and individuality, while boosting confidence and their ability to problem solve in a unique setting.

“National made the space cool and inviting,” said Sarah Bardwell, Media Director Southwest Dubois School Corporation. "Students are drawn into the space. It’s a comfortable place where they can hang out and be creative.”