October 03, 2018

National Outfits TCALC School with a Variety of Corporate Spaces for Advanced 21st Century Learning

The Topeka Center for Advanced Learning and Careers (TCALC) is an innovative high school program that provides students the opportunity to focus on professional skills like project management, business ethics, time management, teamwork, and creativity. Through a project-based curriculum, students receive authentic exposure to corporate environments while developing the skills needed to succeed in 21st century professions. The facility was designed as if students are fully immersed in a professional culture, and offers collaboration spaces, multi-use areas, private offices, and team rooms to accommodate the unique curriculum that does not focus around traditional classrooms. Students and faculty agree that this approach allows the students to become more comfortable in a business culture, setting them up for success in their careers after graduation.

National provided solutions for a wide variety of multi-use areas and flexible spaces. Maneuver tables and Jiminy seating provide mobility, allowing students and faculty to reconfigure and accommodate their needs. Fringe, Reno, and Swift lounge furniture create a variety of collaboration spaces and casual commons areas that further create a corporate dynamic. Private offices support flexibility with Tessera casegoods, while the Footings, Strassa, and WaveWorks tables provide unique gathering and meeting spaces.

“Our goal with the new facility was to have a unique, welcoming, and thought provoking educational space which had the look and feel of a modern day corporate business environment. National was instrumental in helping us achieve that goal,” said Larry Robbins, Deputy Superintendent of Operations, Topeka Public Schools.