March 07, 2018

National's Danville Facility Earns Beacon Award for Dedication to Environmental Protection

National’s Danville, KY, facility has been recognized by the Kentucky Excellence in Environmental Leadership (KY EXCEL) program for their continued dedication to environmental protection. Their Danville, KY, facility was awarded the KY EXCEL Beacon Award in the Performance Improvement category for their noteworthy 20% absolute emission reduction in VOCs for 2016. The Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance awarded National with this honor for their exemplary achievements in the reduction of air pollution.

“It is an honor to receive this award,” said Mike Potter, National Danville’s Plant Manager. “It’s an example of the passion this team has for our environment. The entire Danville team is committed to protecting our environment and all of its natural resources. We strive to ensure our future generations have a spectacular place to enjoy with their families.”