July 12, 2021

“Sacred Storytelling for Symbiotic Survival” - Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

Episode six of Kimball International’s Alternative Design Podcast has been released. Entitled “Sacred Storytelling for Symbiotic Survival,” this episode investigates how low-tech, primitive, and seemingly unsophisticated technologies could actually hold the key to solving climate change. This movement, called Radical Indigenism, explores how we can harness low-tech wisdom and indigenous philosophies to build a more resilient world.

We speak with designer, activist, academic, and author Julia Watson who just released her bestselling book, Lo-Tek: Design by Radical Indigenism. Sam Olbekson, Principal and Director of Native American Design and Planning at Cunningham, also brings insight on how to support culture with community building and design practices that are rooted in authentically listening.

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