Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

Hollywood, FL

“We are very happy with the way things came out.

The furniture creates a child-friendly environment

and we feel great about the design and selections we made.”

Chantal LeConte, Associate Administrator

The Design Plan

At the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital in Hollywood, Florida, their motto is "We treat your children like our own." That's why the new Pavilion facility was developed to provide the very best care in an atmosphere that would keep things as normal as possible for the young patients.

From the colorful wayfinding elements to the vibrant graphics of the themed floors of sports, arts, games and dreams, the heart of the Pavilion’s design is the Power of Play which is so important in any child's life, and even more so for one who is ill.

The LEED®-certified building consists of five floors and 180,000 square feet of bright, incredible graphics and spaces for children and families to heal, play and dream. After a thoughtful review period, the hospital determined that National Office Furniture was the solution to furnish the resource centers, reception, waiting areas and the spaces outside the procedure and treatment rooms.

Hospital personnel were drawn to the quality, appeal, and practical nature of National's seating and chose lounge collections wrapped in vibrant, durable fabrics to complement the fun-loving, relaxed atmosphere they strive to maintain. The hospital’s main concerns were safety and durability which National delivered via sturdy upholstered and wood seating.

The Results

At National, we believe in delivering extraordinary experiences, and the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital does exactly that through incredible people and inspiring facility that encourages children to realize their dreams.