Kansas Statehouse

Topeka, KS

The Design Plan

Although the scope to restore the Kansas Statehouse included 87 private offices, 50 semi-private offices, three conference rooms, and four lounge/reception areas, the real challenge was to capture the cherished history in the restoration of this landmark.

The project would follow a master plan that called for a more effective and efficient use of space, greater efficiency in layout, improved proximity between functional areas, and greatly enhanced services for citizens.

Design consultant Treanor Architects researched furnishings based on quality, appearance, and cost. In making their decision, officials were mindful to complement the design integrity of the building with furnishings made for enduring service, so they chose National Office Furniture.


The Results

The investment is a testament to the vision of the people of Kansas and ensures a legacy to be cherished by generations to come.


“The space helps tell the story that this is a restored building.

We wanted to be faithful in portraying what work areas could have been like at that time.”

Barry Greis, Statehouse Architect