Kenrick Glennon

St. Louis, MO

The Design Plan

With a facility designed and constructed in the 1920s and 30s, the Kenrick-Glennon Seminary’s character was strong; however, its efficiency and ability to effectively serve the needs of the students and staff were not optimal. The seminary administration decided it was time to renovate, with the main challenge being to preserve the facility's rich heritage while incorporating today's amenities.

The design plan was simple...blend. With the capacity to serve over 200 students, priests, faculty, and staff, it's easy to imagine how important this renovation was to the mission of the seminary. A new recreation center was added, the library was expanded, the living quarters were significantly updated, and new faculty space was developed. The design centered on preservation while incorporating comfortable, functional and highly versatile furnishings. After evaluating several manufacturers, Kenrick-Glennon selected National based on the furniture's look and durability. The advice from a trusted vendor also carried weight.

“The new spaces and their accommodations have

enhanced the learning experience and the lives of everyone

who works, resides, and visits our campus.”

Randy Rathert, Director of Building and Real Estate, Archdiocese of St. Louis


The Results

The library, offices, refectory (dining hall), and lounges feature National products as well as the auditorium with seating for 300 guests. The results of this project are on display every day through the smiles and collaboration among the seminarians and staff. Tradition was preserved, today’s essentials were integrated, and Kenrick-Glennon found the ideal balance that restored a great deal more than just buildings and spaces.