National Office Furniture HQ

Jasper, IN

The Design Plan

National partnered with the world renowned design firm, Gensler, to design, renovate, and outfit their Corporate Headquarters. Before the design plan began, they executed a WPI (Workplace Performance Index) survey to evaluate the needs of employees. From that survey, key concepts were established that became a part of the overall design plan.

Employees wanted more daylight, additional spaces to collaborate, and private spaces to focus or take personal calls. Employees also requested a centrally located café as well as wellness rooms. Gensler and National worked to incorporate these solutions into the design plan.


“We are very excited about our headquarters and are

proud to be in a space that truly reflects our people,

our products, and our personality.”

Kevin McCoy, President, National Office Furniture


The Results

The 50,000 square foot facility was designed to include spaces to collaborate, learn, interact, and focus. To mirror the shift in today’s workplaces, National created floorplans geared toward activity based space planning. Employees can choose to work in different areas based on the task they are working on.

The entire facility is outfitted with National furniture and demonstrates product capabilities, functionality, and versatility. The progressive work environments, meeting spaces, workstations, conference rooms, and collaboration areas highlight National’s dedication to working efficiently and allowing employees to work how they are most productive. The unique product installations and forward-thinking product applications allow the HQ facility to also be used as a working showroom that displays product capabilities and promotes idea generation with guests.

National’s dedication to satisfying employees, while creating a sustainable, state-of-the-art facility, has boosted productivity and morale for employees and guests alike.